We supply a comprehensive range of all services necessary for any tour throughout Europe. Whether they are one-off special events, festivals, arenas or exhibitions, we are experienced in the relevant areas. We will look after any worries you may have regarding the finer details of your tour.


➤ Air freight can be organized on your behalf

➤ Carnets will be prepared if and when required

➤ Customs clearance can be arranged at all ports and airports

➤ Freight forwarding of small and part-loads can be catered for

➤ Ship chartering: when scheduled shipping is not adequate for your tour we can charter vessels to meet your demands

➤ Shipping and loading/ unloading of sea containers at the start and end of a tour can be carried out at a venue or cross dock facility that is most convenient for you

➤ Facilities for either short or long term storage can be provided

➤ With tour planning we will work in consultation with you so your aims regarding locations and schedules can be achieved